Monday, September 3, 2012

50 Fast and Easy Potluck Ideas!

Here are 50 fast and easy ideas you can bring to your potluck!
There are dish ideas, dessert ideas, and many things you can easily make or buy.
When you want a quick idea on what to bring to your potluck, just look at the choices below and pick the best one you like!

Apple Pie

Baked Beans

Mini slices of banana bread

Blueberries on a wine glass!

Butter cake topped with fresh fruits

Caesar Salad

Chocolate Brownies

Chiffon Cake

Cake slices with different kinds of butter frosting

bowl of colourful candies and desserts!

Sliced cheese


Bowl of fresh cherries

Individual pies like chicken pie

Barbecue flavored chicken wings

Spicy chicken wings!

Bowl of chips

Individually sliced cake

Chocolate chip cookies...mmmm

Assorted kinds of cookies on a platter

Individual chocolate pieces

Shrimp and corn salad

chocolate and vanilla cupcakes

Cupcakes with colorful frostings!

Breaded shrimp

Deep fried shrimp


Vegetable Garden salad

Yummy fried chicken

Pie topped with lots of fresh berries!

Assorted fruits placed on a hollow cantaloupe

fresh fruit platter

Fresh fruits 

Sliced garlic bread

Red and green grapes

Honey garlic chicken

Lemon chicken

Chicken macaroni salad

Fruit pie


Sandwiches - turkey and ham, chicken breast and ham, roast beef, tuna...

Tortilla chips with dip

Assorted bread

Sliced chocolate cake topped with powdered sugar icing and fresh fruits

Bundt cake

Chocolate cupcakes topped with icing and chocolate heart cookies

Assorted slices of cakes

Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies

Custard or leche flan

Barbecue pork kabobs

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